Saturday, 14 October 2017

How to loose fat easily in 1 month?

If your fat  bothering you then can achieve an unbelievably flat stomach faster. Fat belly is something that has been bothering most of us.What happens if you come across a way of getting rid of your belly in more than a week? If you are troubled by the fat rings on bellies then this post is for you. First of all forest plays an important role in keeping fit and many other factors that you have to pay attention.


Instead of eating 3 whole meals you should eat smaller portions about 2 to 3 hours apart. Nowadays there is fixed time to have lunch but instead of having 3 larger meals break it into 5-6 parts. Never ever eat too much at a time.


Do not take high fibre foods like cauliflower, beans and brocalli. Don't eat junk food it is like garbage for your belly. You should away from oily or spicy food as much as possible. Eat green veggies cucumber watermelons etc. We suggest that you don’t eat too many raw vegetables and fruits at one time.


Water makes us feel full and reduces overheating but don't drink water immediately after lunch or dinner. You should take water at least 1 hour after lunch or dinner. If you feel thirsty then you can try a cup of warm water (lukewarm water). Don't drink alcohol it reduces the burning of you fat.


Green tea comes with antioxidants which reduces fat. You should try before you workout. Drinking honey with lukewarm water every morning in empty stomach will help you in reducing fat. In morning you can try green tea as a normal routine.


For controlling food you need to practice fasting.Designate a particular day in a week and fast. Eat salad and drink juice for a full day. Go for walk in evening after having dinner it helps in burning calories walk at least 30 min to lose your belly fat. Do yoga it will keep you alive and healthy practice sun salutation anddifferent asans. Sleep adequately is equally important. Sleep at least 7-8 for reduce belly fat.

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