Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How to solve the constant acceleration equation problems easily?

In many types of motion, the acceleration is either constant or approximately so. For example, you might accelerate a car at an approximately constant rate when a traffic light turns from red to green. Later when you brake the car to a stop, the deceleration might also be approximately constant. Such cases are so common that a special set of equations has been derived for dealing with them. when you work on the homework problems, keep in mind that equations are valid only for constant acceleration or situations in which you can approximate the acceleration as being constant, When the acceleration is constant, the average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration are equal.

basic equations for constant acceleration; they can be used to solve any constant acceleration problem. However, we can derive other equations that might prove useful in certain specific situations. First, note that five quantities can possibly be involved in any problem regarding constant acceleration namely, x-x0, v, t, a, and v0. Usually, one of these quantities is not involved in the problem, either as a given or as an unknown. We are then presented with three of the remaining quantities and asked to find the fourth.

Constant acceleration problem

lists of basic constant acceleration equations as well as the specialized equations to solve a simple constant acceleration problem. you can usually use an equation from this list.

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