Thursday, 11 May 2017

Water is colourless.why? explained!πŸ’§

We see water in different forms and colours.Sometimes it is coloured because of the colour of particles present in it.e.g. bacteria,blue algae,fungi etc.But water is actually a faint blue colour (pure water).The blue colour becomes more clear and enhanced when we look down or through a large volume of water while relatively small quantities of the water appears to be colourless.Example of large volume of water is ocean which is blue when seen from above it.Now some says that blue colour comes from the reflection of the sky.This is the common misconception.This can be explained by the fact that ocean remains blue in cloudy days.When sky is full of white clouds.Now we come to the point that why water is colourless.Reason is given below.

1) We already know that white colour is made up of several colours. Now any matter is made up of little particles (atoms & molecules).When light falls on these particles.Some colours gets absorbed and some gets reflected and that reflected colour when reaches our eyes we see colour in them for example-When we look at an orange🍊 all colour from light except orange colour get absorbed and when that orange colour is reflected reaches our eyes we see orange looks orange in colourπŸ˜πŸ˜‚.
similar is the case of water only difference is that it reflect all colours except a little blue colour. when all these colour reaches our eyes all colour gets combined and form white light thus water seems colourless.

2) Because hydrogen and oxygen both are colourless and hence water is colourless because it is the combination of both hydrogen and oxygen.

3) It could be hereditary as our eyes first evolved in water hence our body adapted to see water colourless.

4) electron transition,unpaired or paired electron in a substance makes it coloured or colourless.If it has unpaired electron then electron transition occurs and this makes substance coloured. If it has paired electron transition not occurs and then substances will be colourless.Water has no unpaired electron so it comes in the colourless category.
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