Saturday, 29 April 2017

Judges break the nib of the pen after the death of a prisoner, why? explained.

The fact is that the act of breaking the nib of a pen is not an act under any law. It is just a belief that court follows. It is a british custom done by convention, not because of any rule. But do you imagine why they do it? So below is some reasons why they do it.

1) It is done by Judges as to distance themselves from the guilt of their judgment

2) To safeguard that none can commit such offence.

3) Breaking of nib used to express the sorrow.

4) It also declares that Judges is only carrying out his official accountability

In modern days, it has been observed that instead of breaking of nib, they throw the refill of the pen out.
Once it is declared death none can question it. Only supreme Court can override it.

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